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The Medieval Stainless Steel series translates the old war machines of yesteryear into modern sleek and well engineered pieces of enjoyment.

This is a limited series. Only 100 of each will be made. It will stay exclusive. The owners will be invited to join a private forum, where they can post stories, photo’s and video’s of their shots and (mis)adventures.


TrebuchetTrebuchet is designed using a cantilevered pivot on a hardwood base. This device is where the whole Danger Toys adventure started. It formed the original idea and was the inspiration for all the other devices.

It is made completely of stainless steel and bronze, uses lead in the counter weight to increase the range and uses a sling made out of para cord to hold the golf ball.



CrossbowCrossbow was the most popular medieval war machine ever used, apart maybe from the battering ram. Since a scaled down stainless steel battering ram is useless, we decided to design Crossbow with a modern look.

The curved stands allow for quick height adjustment and the composite blades give the whole device a purposeful look. This is not a machine to be used lightly.


CatapultCatapult is based on the original design but we have added a few modern elements to it. It uses a spring steel blade to accelerate the arm. At the end of the swing the arm is caught in a shock absorber that stops the arm from smashing into the woodwork.

By adjusting the schocker, you can adjust the trajectory of the golf ball. The tension of the blade is pre-set, but can also be adjusted.



SlingshotSlingshot is the most complex design of the Medieval Stainless Steel series. It uses a spring steel blade to power the arm and a release mechanism in the arm to fire off the golf ball at the right moment.

It has a counter balance to make the operation as smooth and as sleek as possible.



Of course we offer you the option of buying the complete set of devices. It is a wonderful family to see. We will also deliver free of charge a smaller trebuchet that will fit on your desk. A little scale model exclusive to the owner of a complete MSS family.

The complete MSS family

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