First shots

Here is a quick video of the first shots with a prototype of the small Trebuchet.

This small Trebuchet is not available separately, it is a gift for those customers who buy the complete Medieval Stainless Steel series.

This is the first prototype and the results are good enough that we do not need to build a second one. We will use this one to test sling length, trigger mechanism and projectile weight. Then it will be put in the Danger Toys museum. To be cherished forever.

First shot with the small Trebuchet prototype

This first shot went about 3 meters. That is not bad for the first prototype and certainly not for the small Trebuchet. Especially is you recognize the fact that this is with a small fixed weight.  We have not even looked at sling length and release angle yet. So there is more to come.

Second shot of the Prototype

This second shot is with a shorter sling length and yes, we managed to go to about 4 meters. That is enough for now, the real testing and adjusting will be done later and will also be done on the full sized Trebuchet. But for now, we are more than happy with this.