Are these toys?

No, they are not toys in the real sense. They are intended for the big boys, in other words, for the grown up with taste. In fact, they are only to be used by responsible people as they can be quite dangerous.

Are they really dangerous?

Yes, it is not just a catchy name, these devices can hurt somebody, or cause damage to property. For instance, they will easily break the glass in a window. In fact, we had to modify Crossbow a bit. It was too dangerous.

So use these devices wisely. This is one of the reasons you must agree to a waiver before ordering.


All the Medieval Stainless Steel devices are designed to use a standard golf ball as ammunition. These are easy to buy, but you probably already have quite a lot of them in your home. We have tried the devices on a golf course and with the main devices we managed a par 3 hole.

How are they constructed?

All the devices have stainless steel as the main material and all the bearings are made from bronze. The base is nice hardwood and each device has some unique materials. As an example, Crossbow has a composite bow while Trebuchet has a sling made out of para cord and canvas.
They are all handcrafted, precision engineered and built to last. This is a device that you will be able to leave to your grandchildren.

How are they shipped?

Yes, this is a difficult issue. We have decided to ship them fully assembled. Some devices just need the base attached before use. All the tools needed for this are included (1 Allen wrench).
But this means that they are quite cumbersome to ship. We will ship them in a fitted crate, strong enough to handle transit. If you want, we can build a beautiful custom case for your device. After you receive the device you can use the case as a display case.

What about warranty?

Of course you have a full year warranty on fabrication errors and material faults. This is excluding the composite bow blades for Crossbow and the sling for Trebuchet. Depending on the situation, we can ship the parts to you free of charge. Or you could decide to send the device to us and have it refurbished. The shipping will be done at cost.
The warranty excludes any damage caused by improper use of the devices and the warranty is cancelled if the device is modified in any way.