About us

Danger Toys started life because of a momentary lapse of sanity. We wanted to build a new trebuchet and decided to make it out of stainless steel, make it look nice and still very functional. By the time we finished the design, we realised we had created a monster and a very beautiful sleek machine at the same time

This of course prompted further investigation and soon we had a range of medieval war machines, all based on the simple concept of sleek, innovative design with real style.

The trouble was, it didn’t fit in with the normal operations of HomoFaber (bespoke furniture design and manufacturing) so the natural solution was to form Danger Toys.

And here we are today. Happy in the knowledge that we have created some beautiful machines.

General use
These devices use a standard golf ball as ammunition. These are easy to get and most of you already have them in the house. All the devices come with clear instructions and some of them will require simple assembly. You will need no special tools and if you do, don’t worry, they are included with your device.
The only maintenance needed is a few drops of oil now and then in the lubrication spots and a wipe down with an oily rag. (Oh the joys of owning an oily rag!)
The machines in operation move quite fast, so stand clear and make sure you know what direction the ball will shoot. An arrow underneath the base platform points to the target area.