Exclusive and stylish engineering

Danger Toys delivers beautiful handcrafted items for the discerning customer.

We design all these luxury products and hand build them the old-fashioned way. With passion and eye for detail. We create stylish and elegant machines that are dangerous. This is not just a gimmick, our devices can truly be dangerous.
Use these stylish designs as a perfect luxury gift for him or for her. Or keep them exclusively for you alone.

The first product line is the Medieval Stainless Steel (MSS) series. It features old war machines with modern design and materials.There are 4 devices in the series, Trebuchet, Crossbow, Catapult and Slingshot. Each device is available as a stand alone item, but the best deal is to buy the complete family, if you have the space for it.The complete MSS family

A few warnings.

The first series, the Medieval Stainless Steel series, aka MSS, is the first in a line of series that we are planning to develop. So don’t get hooked.

Second warning, this is a serious one.

These devices are dangerous, so use them with care and use them wisely. We are not responsible for any damage that you cause with them.